Iindustrial Modernization


Derived from advances in production processes and the great challenges facing the energy industry requires cutting-edge technology in its processes, with this, ensure efficiency and ensure measurement and process control as they are fundamental to generate , the best possible results in the use of resources, machinery, efficiency, quality, environmental protection and safety.

Therefore SECNER uses measuring instruments and industrial process control in the following variables:

  • Pressure
  • Temperature,
  • Flow and level,
  • pH and electrical conductivity
  • Measurement Interface

Solutions in Custody Transfer Systems.

The purpose of a Custody Transfer System is to measure hydrocarbon flow accurately and repeatably in accordance with OIML R117 international recommendation and OSI and API standards.

The proper operation of a measurement system for custody transfer offers benefits, since it gives us a certainty with a maximum degree of confidence, achieving with this decrease in losses by erroneous or non-accurate measurements.

Engineering and Design
Start up