Cathodic Protection Systems


When a metal is exposed to an electrolyte, undergoes corrosion processes, wherein the metal loses physical and chemical qualities. The corrosion phenomenon is unique to occur only in some parts of the metal, called anodic areas, as opposed to the cathodic areas of the metal, they will not suffer the corrosion process. What happens is an oxidation process in the anodic areas, this is because the material gives up electrons is oxidized and dissolves, while the cathodic regions, happens reduction process, these electrons are accepted and does not happen corrosion.

SECNER and Associates offers a wide range of products for cathodic protection with the highest quality such as:

  • Anodes
  • Rectifiers for Cathodic Protection under special specifications.
  • Junction boxes
  • Reference electrodes
  • Insulating joints
  • Welding Cadweld
  • Backfill high conductivity
  • Measuring Equipment