Corrosion Protection Systems



The coating system POLYGUARD RD-6 is manufactured by POLYGUARD Products in USA and has been successfully applied since 1988 in Transport Systems Oil, gas, water and mineral concentrates; both new plumbing and maintenance work.

The system is designed for external corrosion protection and anti-apantallante of:

  • Underground pipes and / or submerged.
  • Welded joints and leads (tees, flanges, etc.).

This system consists of three components:

  • LIQUID ADHESIVE POLYGUARD 600 rubber-based and solvent, fast drying and low volatile. This is applied to the clean surface of the pipe.
  • COATING RD-6, this is the impermeable layer of corrosion protection consisting of a bituminous compound coated extruded rubber onto a backing of geotextile reinforced polyolefin with a unique mesh design that provides you with exceptional mechanical strength, high resistance to stress NO ground and shielding the cathodic currents in case of detachment of the coating.
  • EXTERNAL COATING SP-6 which is recommended over the RD-6 COATING pipe over 4 “and / or areas of extreme stress terrain.