About us

SECNER began operations in 2002. Its founding partners have over 50 years experience in the Engineering Energy Sector.

From the beginning our word has been our main contract the services we offer, guaranteeing our customers the continuous improvement of operational processes in order to minimize response times to your requirements.

The materials offered are new, newly manufactured and traceable quality certificate; which it gives confidence and security for their projects and maintenance.


Offer solutions for the supply of materials and maintenance services with the most advanced proven technology and guaranteed; adding value through timely and reliable before, during and after each sale to help our customers improve their production processes within an environment that promotes continuous improvement and teamwork technical assistance.


Strengthen leadership and expand penetration of our products and services in the public and private sectors of the national and international markets; to position ourselves as one of the energy companies faster and greater growth.

For further information, please contact the corporate offices in Mexico City. Also we invite you to download the print version with complete description of the company, the projects in which we participated and the products you have available.